Prepare your business for the
'new normality'

Get advice on the 5 legal key aspects of your business.

How to prepare for the return to the “New” Normality?

We want to help you face the return to a new business scenario, where you will have to make important decisions for the future of your business. We advise you on the 5 legal aspects with greatest risks to protect your interests.

Labor Advising

  • Learn about the alternatives to reach agreements under the rules of the Humanitarian Law.
  • Permanent support to structure a global agreement with workers.

Contractual Advice

  • Your company or your contractual counterparty may fall in default or breach of the obligations agreed in contracts.
  • Understand the risks and plan an efficient way to renegotiate contracts to face this period of disruption.

Reorganization Proceedings And Company Dissolution

  • Evaluate and manage the mechanisms provided by the Ecuadorian Legislation to face the crisis and develop strategies to get manage it in an orderly manner and rehabilitate your company as soon as possible.

Tax Advising

  • Optimize the payment of your taxes by making efficient use of incentives and deferrals.
  • Reduce your future tax contingencies through proper tax planning.
  • Take advantage of all the tools and mechanisms that the legislation provides to recover taxes (refund of withheld VAT, exporters, social interest housing, senior citizens, etc.) and those paid in excess or improperly.
  • Plan your personal and your heirs state effectively.

Corporate Advice

  • The New Normality will require adapting to new management models. It will be necessary to update and reform by-laws, protocols and internal company policies to achieve decision-making in meetings, boards via teleconference, notifications and summons through electronic media, etc.